I have a db that stores manhours for each team/project and calculates the Average Number of Personnel (ANP) for each team (not each project). Here's the report I'm having trouble with:

GROUP FOOTER (team totals):
(A) Usage: Total of project hours for each team
(B) ANP: (A)/2080
(C) Available Hours: Values per team from table AvailableHours
(D) Available ANP: (C)/2080
Net Hours: ((D)*2080)-(A)
Net ANP: (B)-((A)/2080)

Everything calculates correctly in the Group Footer. The problem is how to get the correct calcs in the Report Footer. (A) and (B) calculate correctly. (C) is stored in a table -- one number for each team -- and that number is associated with that team's records (in each record). When I try to sum (C), it adds all hours from all records, which is seriously distorted. I only need it to sum the values in the Group Footer, not in all of the records. This naturally throws off the remaining calculations.

How do I get the Report Footer calculation to look only at the values (C) in the Group Footer and ignore the same value (C) that's associated with each record? Or is that even the right question??

Any help is greatly appreciated!