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    Post Unanswered: Clipper access to Betrieve Files

    Anyone know of a third party lib. or software, freeware or shareware... or any coded methodolgies that will allow Clipper to access Betrieve files. Need help ASAP

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    Re: Clipper access to Betrieve Files

    I have the same problem, and AFAIK, there is no simple solution or even any solution at all :-((

    I transfer some data betwen the two using .txt files (which can be hardly called a "solution" to the problem) but have no direct connection .DBF/Btrieve.

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    Re: Clipper access to Betrieve Files

    Having not worked with Clipper, I have no direct experience but I've found that any environment that allows exported functions to be called from DLLs can be used to access Btrieve. The Btrieve API is very well defined in the SDK documents. If you want to use ODBC instead, then Clipper would need to be able to call ODBC.
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