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    Unanswered: How to rename a file from within access?

    We are using access 2000 to add a report to many mobile user copies of our dbase. We plan on using a small dbase file that will autoexec (with dbase window hidden on startup so it is transparent) and transferDatabase the new report/querys in, send an email back to us that it was accomplished (still working on that--errors).

    Anyway, we also need to rename a file in the directory where their dbase resides (a bin file) . Is there any way I can accomplish that from within access as well so this file will be the only thing the end user needs to execute?

    Thanks for any info, I'm fairly new to vba and macros etc.

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    Re: How to rename a file from within access?

    I have used the Shell function to run a DOS batch file that renames a file.

    Hope this helps.

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