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    Question Unanswered: Access Form-how to pick 1 record

    i have a menu_frm form from which depending on the options selected a list of records are displayed in second_frm form.
    On the second_frm i want a check box next to each record and depending on the record selected from the check box i want third_form to display data.

    The problem that i run into is when i insert a check box on select ALL the check boxes are selected. How do i let the user select just 1 record on the second_frm?

    i hope i have been able to put down the problem with adequate clarity.

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    Exclamation wrong too for the job

    Hai there,

    if i read your question wright
    it seem the the user is allouwd to only check 1 option

    if that is so youve selected the wrong tool

    instead of an chechbox use a optionbutton on the optionGroup (frame)
    then when 1 is selected the other 1 are false

    i hope thats what you ment and this will help you
    Good luck

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    Question rephrased question

    My mistake..i guess i was not clear enough in defining my problem...

    ok here goes..

    i have a menu_frm..user picks name and clicks on the a GoToSecond_frm button...
    now the recordset of the Second form is a table. So the filter is set to the name picked in the menu_frm and all the records for that name are displayed.

    Now in my second_frm i have 10 records showing up. I go to the desgin and put in an option button next to the data fields.

    I run the form and try and select a record by picking that option button..ALL the buttons get selected.

    So the issue here is not whether i pick a check box or option button no matter what i pick i CANNOT pick a record individually.

    I hope this helps..

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    you'll find hundreds of messages on this site with folk trying to have checkboxes or radio buttons on continuous forms and getting upset when they discover that it works tick-all/tick-none. maybe mr gates could have done a better job here, but that's life.

    the solution is simple: forget the checkbox!

    add a form header ( .visible = False if you prefer). add a textbox ( .visible = False if you prefer) in the header for your namefield (hopefully a unique id of some sort). every time the user click in one of the records or clicks the record selector of one of the records, your new text box will adopt the name(? id?) of the selected record... use your new textbox to drive the third form.


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