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    Unanswered: manually update a table

    i have 2 tables in an sql db. table1 has 2400 records and table2 has 1400 records. if i open the table and select all rows in table2 and try to manually edit the contents of a field i receive the following error:

    communication link failure.

    if i open the table and select top 1000 i can manually edit any value with out any problem.

    if i open table1 and select all the rows i can edit any value i want with out any issues.

    can it be that the size of the table prevents me from editing when i select all the rows?

    extra info:
    table1 has more records and more fields but the fields in table2 are larger (navchar 50 compared to navchar20)

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    Re: manually update a table

    Do you have a primary or unique key on your tables?

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    Re: manually update a table

    Try to use the OLE DB provider for SQL Server instead an ODBC driver, and see whether you problem persists.
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    Are you doing this in EM? If so, it is highly reccomended you do not edit data this way as it creates a big overhead with locks. Writing appropriate update statements would be better. (again, if you are doing it from EM)

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