I've been trying to make this work for a while now (i'm a newbie at this, sorry)

All i want to do is replicate a database using snapshot method. I want to create a new column in the subscriber's database which unifies each record.

for example: Say ServerA(Distributor) and ServerB (Distributor) has to be replicated to ServerC (Subscriber). Once the data has been replicated the Data in ServerC should have an extra column signifying where the data came from, ie, the records from ServerA should have an extra column saying 'A' and the the data from ServerB should have 'B'.

The Replication wizard in SQL server 2000 makes a Uniqueidentifier clumn when you use Merge method. That it.

Is there a way to add that one column?!?...

Please help me out here, since this is very frustrating.