This is the case.... I would like to learn the statement that make the relation between these tables.
Why? Cos these are separated in two different databases and if a user make an update in a table from database X these changes must to be applied in the other table in the another database:

The tables are :

Principal Database Name : Server Information 2004
Table Name : Clients
Fields : ID_Client, Client

Secondary Database Name : Index2003
Table Name : Contratos
Fields : ID_Con, ID_Client, Client

I need to write a Trigger for Update the table Contratos everytime a user change the values in Clients.

Iīm using the follow Trigger :

CREATE TRIGGER UPDate_Clients ON dbo.Clients
update Contratos
set Client = inserted.Client
from Clients
inner join inserted on Clients.Client = inserted.Client

When I update the register the follow message in the application raise :

"Key column information is insufficient or incorrect. Too many rows were affected by update."

If somebody can help me THANKS A LOT OF....

Leonardo Almeida