I have a replication configuration problem that I have not been able to

I have a situation where I have 1 main SQL server running enterprise edition
SQL 2000 with 7 other SQL servers running over a WAN. I need to merge the
contents of all 7 databases (different DB names but same schema) into a
single database on the main server. There are no key conflicts on the data
from the 7 locations as all tables are keyed off a SITECODE and the site
code is different for each location.

Can this be done using snapshot replication method?

Of course, I can get replication working between 1 remote server and the
main server but when I try to setup the 2nd, SQL server wants to break the
previous subscription and establish a new one to the next server...i'm
starting to think I need to setup replication manually (using t-sql) but
i've never done that before...any tips?

The data from the 7 locations need not go back from the main server. So it's only one way.

Thanks in advance...