Bear with me, this gets confusing..

Config: SQL 2000 enterprise sp2+slammer hotfixes. Win2k sp4+, MDAC 2.8; IE 6sp1.

Error: sp3_serv_uni.sql cannot execute.. Service Pack fails. I've not tried enabling Cross DB ownership chaining during setup yet.

The sp3_serv_uni.out log last three lines reads: Creating 'system_function_schema.fn_get_sql'.
Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6, Server EIC-SQLPRD, Procedure fn_get_sql, Line 15
There is already an object named 'fn_get_sql' in the database.

This UDF doesn't exist until SP3 is applied! I've tried running this service pack in debug mode (which is confusing) and skipping sp3_serv_uni.sql. How can I get debug mode to run that script manually so I can skip the fn_get_sql section?

SP3a is now partially applied and now my .Net based app cannot connect. However the db svr "seems" to be functioning OK.. no errors.

The svr properties show that Cross DB ownership chaining is enabled. Could running the service pack without that enabled cause it to fail? We don't require the chaining, would turning off chaining then applying the service pack be the better idea?

Is it recommended or necessary to shutdown SQL services or run single user while installing the SP and or MDAC?

Would MDAC 2.8 be the problem since sp3a installs 2.7sp1?

Thanks for any ideas.