Ok I am trying to import an Access DB into SQL Server, my problem is related to MS Access though. I am getting the following error:

Record(s) cannot be read; no read permissions on {tablename}

I am an MS Access novice, but I thought I would have a look at the security section (User and Group Permissions). This section says that the current user is 'Admin'.

If I change the Object Type box to Database and highlight the Admin User/Group Name the 'Administer' check box is checked. However if I change the Object Type to Table and select the Admin user and any of the tables nothing is checked?!?! If I try and check the 'Administer' box i get the following error:

To change permissions for this object, you must have Administer permission on it.

Any ideas?? I really only want to give myself Read permissions on it and it won't even let me do that. However If I double click on one of the tables I can view the data?!?!