Please Help.

I have written a custom DTS task in an ActiveX Script. My script creates three recordsets from three existing tables in an SQL Server 2k DB by copying all the data in these tables.

My script then modifies the data in these recordsets including dropping several records, creates a new table and inserts the modified data into the new table.

Unfortunately, I need to keep my original data unmodified...and currently my code changes my original data when it modifies the record sets.

Does anyone have a method for modifying a recordset without modifying the source data? I am writing my ActiveX Script through the VB scripting language.

From what I have read on the internet some people suggest creating a new recordset, copying the data from the original recordset to the new recordset, and then modify and insert the new recordset. This is supposed to keep my source data unchanged. Unfortunately, I have not been successful with this method mainly because I am having trouble creating a new recordset and copying my original recordset data into this new object.

Thank you in advance for any help or input you might have!!!