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    Unanswered: Hebrew and Command Center

    when i have a problem with hebrew and command center:
    the tables in the DB are in ebcdic.
    when i insert hebrew data from it, it insetrs it reversed.
    when i select, it selects it ok (reverse it again), but show me only half of the string. it use it as if it was unicode (because then hebrew catch 2 bytes per letter). still, the data in the DB is ok.

    1. how can i make hebrew sit normally in the DB (not reversed).
    2. does anyone know why i get only half of the string ?why is it still use it as unicode ?

    thanks, maayan.

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    Do you use the unicode (UTF-8)?
    You can check this with command:
    db2 get db cfg for database_name

    Hope this helps,

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    we found that if you put DISABLEUNICODE=1 in the db2cli.ini, it works.
    it just still sit reversed in the DB.
    thanks anyway, maayan

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