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    Question Unanswered: 97 to 2k performance problem

    Hi all

    This is a very open ended question as I havnt seen the database yet but does anyone know of any performace issuse associated with converting from access 97 to 2000. Apparently it did run fine now its slow...

    I have a few pointers and am wondering if there is any more:

    1. The conversion process makes the database bigger and cant be reduced below this size by compact, instead I should try exporting all the object to a blank DB

    2. Code should be rewriten to use ADO or objects explicity declared as DAO

    3. Moving from Jet3.5(Access97) to Jet4.0(Access2000). This was done long ago, however service pack 4 is still in use and I believe that it has a problem with user-defined functions in queries?

    4. Set UniCodeCompression on

    5. decompile, repair, compact and repair and compile. This should correct any damaged indexes etc that are slowing down the DB

    If anyone can add to this list or correct me where ive gone wrong it will be great help

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    you can't make it smaller, new format takes up more space...

    if it's still all Access don't switch to ADO, it won't speed up anything, it could be even slower with Access...

    there is no more decompile and repair and compact is one function....

    check references to libraries, this could make some problems....

    avoid having 97 and 2k installed on the same machine....

    make sure your back end database is converted to 2k....

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    Sorry could have been a bit more exact about the options

    Decompile is a startup option as is repair
    repair and compact is an access option

    Both ends of the database have been converted and only one version of Access is on any machine.

    Are there any references in particular that will be causing problems?
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