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    Unanswered: Seeking #include equivalent for SPL?!?!?

    I'm trying to find a method for defining some constant values across some 200 stored procedures without touching each code member every time, much the way one would use an INCLUDE type statement in some other language. So far, the best I can find is to declare GLOBAL variables. However, I find that once I have done so, I still have to DEFINE each one in each stored procedure, along with a DEFAULT value, before I can use it. This severely limits the utility of the approach and keeps it from being the neat, tidy solution I am seeking (change it once in one place, recompile all the other stored procs and be done with it).

    Does anyone know of a construct I should be aware of to resolve this maintenance nightmare?

    I'm using Informix SE 7.25, SDK 2.80 on Red Hat Linux 7.3, in case it matters.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Since you ar eusing SE, I don't think you have any other option.
    If you'd use IDS v9, you might want to look at datablades.

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