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    Post Need DB Program Built, where to go???

    Hello All,
    I use a program that is old and produces a lot of errors. I am now interested in finding out how much it would cost to rebuild this program into a newer format that is error free.
    I am looking for either a good site where i can list this project, or an estimate of what kind of costs I'd be looking at. If you might be interested, keep reading on.

    If you are interested in checking it out, the file attached contains most of the data information required in the new one, and contains the most difficult formula's. Time limit on this project is flexible. I am looking to maintain the rights as I will be adding another program that will work side by side with this one at a later date.

    The attached file is the program I am currently using. (I can provide sample personnel information if required)

    The mods I need to change are:
    1. This program is known to have many glitches.

    2. I would like the program to have the ability to back itself up on a web-based site, CD-RW, it's own Hard drive, or even a floppy.
    (Floppy is the only current option) Numerous computers in different states should be able to log into 1 site to back up data, or to retrieve specific personnel files.

    (WEB-BASED SITE and PROGRAM Do NOT need to be set up at this Time, just the capability to connect to the web and back-up at a later time.)

    3. Ability to print about 10 more reports off minimal input.

    4. Personnel should be able to maintain their own information on a floppy if needed.

    5. Program should be able to read the data produced by the current program, and write it as well if necessary.

    6. Self-installing

    Please, Let me know what I'm getting myself into.
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    A db program for aviation? Well as an aviator myself (ATP) I have built these using 'off the shelf' programs, like Access or FileMaker. This is not a tough one. Contact me via messaging, if you want it built.

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