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    Unanswered: Certification 12.5


    Has anyone tried to buy the Sybase Certification Preparation Test for 12.5 from

    I've been waiting now for one month and the download link still doesn't work. It says just: File not found. I tried to get in touch with the technical support. First they promised that it's going to work within 24 hours, afterwards they didn't even reply my mails anymore.
    After sending many, many mails I got yesterday the final answer. It will take long time to fix it and therefore I should choose something else!!!

    Has anyone experienced similar problems?


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    USD $55 for 79 questions....that's steep!!!

    Certifications: Sybase®
    79 Questions
    File details: PDF file
    $ 55.00 USD

    You can probably get the ASE 12.5 Certification Guide from techwave 2003 for free from any of the attendees. They was a mid-week presentation on how to pass ASE 12.5 certification delivered by Sybase University.

    If you know anyone that attended the techwave 2003 or contact your sales person at Sybase, you shoulod get a copy of that ppt.



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