hi folks,

can somebody help me with the following problem:

i run an front end application as access xp project on a sql server 2000 database.

several stored procedures with different tasks are performing various operations on mass data (about 3 million records)
but not at the same time.
all of these procedures are entering records in a log table to notify the actual step or result.

i can of course view this log table in the database window, while the stored procedure is still running, to see what it is doing right now or next.

now i want to do the following:
i have a form, where the user shall select the stored procedure to be run
and after starting it the form shows the contents of the log table.
a timer updates this view every 10 seconds

if i run the stored procedure synchronously, of course the application would be blocked.
so i thought, cool, let´s do it asynchronously, so i do something like:

cmd.Execute Options:=adAsyncExecute

i found, that long running stored procedures (talking about between 2 minutes to 24 hours !!) will need to have their timeout set because Access will stop them after the timeout (weird enough)
so i did

cmd.CommandTimeout = 10000
cmd.Execute Options:=adAsyncExecute

even running the command asynchronously my form will NOT UPDATE the table view i.e. not run through the timer event.
the code started the cmd.execute command and continued this routine, the application is not blocked, i tested that
still: no code is being run by access while the stored procedure is still running

somebody an idea?

i tried to run the command with the underlying access project connection as well as with a new adodb.connection object: same results, no difference