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    Wink Unanswered: Forms 9i Web Authentification



    I'm trying to create a form in 9i where any user can access the form and retrieve data from the tables.

    The problem i'm having is that when the users (expect for the owner of the tables) log on to the form, no data is retrieved when a query is executed.

    I've granted various privileges to the other users but they still can't retrieve any data.

    Is it possible to create a trigger or code into the form which tables to look for, i.e. 'username.tablename', or will I have to created some kind of public synonym.

    Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Forms 9i Web Authentification


    I think your problem is that the user have rights to access tables etc, but there is no public synonym. So when selecting from a table Oracle tryis to find the table in the schema of the user and if not found, using any public synonym. There are two ways to solve this.

    1. include the schemaname in the form, so that the query will be like this : selet * from scott.emp

    2. simply create a public synonym for the tables and be careful with grants to users.

    Good luck.


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