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    Angry Unanswered: SQL Authentication

    Hi Everyone

    I am currently using the following connection string to connect to a
    database stored on SQL Server 2000 using ADO and Visual Basic 6.

    objConn.ConnectionString = ""Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source= SBS2000DB;UID=Suarez;Password=password;Current Language = Spanish;Initial Catalog=Suarez;Persist Security Info=False;"

    and i get the message "User 'Suarez' is not asociated to a trusted SQL Server Connection". It used to work on SQL Server 7.

    If i try Windows Authentication method, it works ok.

    thanx a lot for any help


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    Re: SQL Authentication

    You may want to check the configuration of the server. (Right click on the server in enterprise manager and look at the properties).
    I'm guessing the server is not configured to support mixed mode.
    Have you been able to log-in with that ID using query analyzer?

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    MAy be

    May be you have registered / installed SQL Server in Trusted mode only

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