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    Unanswered: OpenArgs Continuous form help.. thanks

    A friend of mines helped my out on some code.. but he gave me only 3 fields to work with.. what i'm trying to do is.. on my form it pulls up records.. to that record.. you can add sub-records.. i took 3 unique fields of the original record and made a button to transfer those 3 fields to my new form..

    come to find out.. i need to import more than three fields over to new form.. I need 12! YikEs! I only have 3 and my friends nowhere to be found..

    I did seek help through this forum with other problems I had.. hope this is an easy one for the gurus out there.. thanks a bunch

    heres the code which transfer 3

    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim strProject As String
    Dim strArea As String
    Dim strReference As String
    Dim Iloc1 As Integer
    Dim iLoc2 As String
    Dim strArgs As String
    'Dim Text1, Text2, Text3 As String
    strArgs = Me.OpenArgs & ""
     If Len(strArgs) > 0 Then
         Iloc1 = InStr(strArgs, ";")
         If Iloc1 > 0 Then
             strProject = Left$(strArgs, Iloc1 - 1)
             Me.strProject = strProject
             iLoc2 = InStr(Iloc1 + 1, strArgs, ";")
             strArea = Mid$(strArgs, Iloc1 + 1, iLoc2 - Iloc1 - 1)
             Me.strArea = strArea
             strReference = Mid$(strArgs, iLoc2 + 1)
             Me.strReference = strReference
         End If
     End If
    End Sub


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