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    Question Unanswered: Form accesing 2 tables

    I am trying to make a to keep track of receipts and inventory. So when people enter a receipt it saves all the information in the Table so we can retrieve the receipt for inventory and Invoices etc later on. So I have 2 forms 1 for invoices and 1 for sales, we get lots of repeat customers and the folks in the office that use the Access for that I put together want to save a database with customers in it so when a customer comes back they do not have to re-enter all the persons information again.

    I have seen this done before so I know it is possible (saved as a MDE? file so there is no source code available) where a second table will store the data and when you start to type it will show the rest of the name as you type, when I press enter the rest of the data is entered.

    Ex: I type "Smi" and "th, John" will show up hilighted (For: Smith, John's entry) so I can just press enter and the rest of the name will be entered and the rest of the users data will come up (Adress, phone# etc), or I can continue typing until the correct name shows up... or if it is a new name a subform can pop up to enter the new data for the new form.

    If anyone knows how to do any of this or something simmilar that would do the job, I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

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    i don't see an easy way to do this with a text box. with enough code you certainly can, but it's hard work (for example: capture the keys-so-far into a string, run a query with this string after each keypress until you get a COUNT = 1).

    typically you do this with a combo - a combo has this behaviour by default.

    add an unbound combo to your form and use this to drive a query that finds all the other stuff.


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    Ok I tried using a combo box and that worked great for having the text come up, and I tried binding the combo box to a query, but all I get is '#Name?' as a result for all the boxes that are supposed to be filled in after I choose a name.
    The form is bound to a different Table than the Customer database for all the other data (if this helps I dont know).
    I tried making it easier to disign by making a button to add a new Customer to the list, then they can search for the customer with all the data that way, but it wont pull up the correct data on the display. This way i will not have to try to add VB code or some macro for adding a new customer (Something I can figure out later once I get the rest of this working).

    When I actually get the form to work and try to display this how do I get the report to display the other parts of the customer table... do I use the column() command?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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