I have a java application that uses MySQl throught the MM driver. I use the getConnection commnd to connect to the MySql server with the following URL (note the IP address has been changed for confidentially)


when I run this with MySql on my desktop it ran fine, however I installed MySQL server on an Win NT server and I get an error message saying that I do not have permission to access (or somthing along those lines)(and yes, I did change the IP address to reflect the NT Server). If I change the statement to localhost, it works fine:


I have change the host, db, and user tables to allow any user to connect from anyhost, In addition the grant tables from the NT server match the ones on my desktop. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Note: to my knowledge there is nothing on the NT Server that restricts access to port 3306 (at least I think)

any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated