I was wondering if anyone here has had experience in making vBulletin sit on 2 servers - one for apache and one for mysql.
We have been trying to get it to work on automotiveforums.com but are having issues with speed.
When I try to use the remote db for vB, the message board slows down incredibly, sometimes even showing db query errors that I think are caused due to data going corrupt while traveling between servers. The 2 servers are on a 100mb switch and transfer rates between the servers are well over 50mb/second. I have installed phpmyadmin (on the apache server) to remotely access the vB db on the mysql server and I see no performance issues with querying the database. This makes me think that the problem may be something internal with vB... maybe some settings.
When I am the only person accessing the remote db through a non-public version of vB running on AF everything seems to load, but each page takes 2-4 seconds, which is quite long. When I try to allow public access to remote db then the site pretty much goes down - there are probably around 10 pageviews per second on the message board.

I along with a number of techs at the datacenter have spent countless hours on trying to pinpoint the issue but so far we have been unsuccessful.

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or have an idea of what is causing the problem.

Thank you very much.

Igor Sushko