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    Red face Unanswered: connecting to Postgresql with Borland C++ Builder in Windows

    Hi everybody, this is my first message to this forum and I need help

    I want to develop a database application with Borland C++ Builder. I
    want to access a PostgreSQL sited in a remote Windows, and I have some questions:
    hat ways can I use to connect to the database? (ODBC ...�?)
    I would like not using ODBC because it is too slow. I have heard about socket connections. Any ideas? or documents available?

    I have heard about the libpq++ classes. But, are them only for
    Linux, or can I use them from the Borland C++ Builder?

    Is there anything that solves what I am looking for? I would be thankfull for your help or any reference to documentation that tells this.

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    Thumbs up ODBC sources

    The best thing you could dp to get this working is to get the ODBC sources they are the best
    Open up
    Take a look to my Blog

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    you ' d like to use postgreSQL++ to run on win32.

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    If you need to connect Windows 7 + PostGreSQL 9.2 + BORLAND BUILDER 6 (2002) all 32bits
    you need:

    1 - Set in Include Path: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\include

    2 - Set de Library path:
    C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\lib

    put all this files on top.

    3 - Put in your folder project (where the file EXE is generated), the libintl.dll + libpq.dll

    4 - open the cmd prompt, and go to the folder PostGreSQL/9.2/bin.

    In cmd, type: implib -a libpq.lib libpq.dll.
    the libpq.lib is generate.

    Go to the ProjectManager, in Builder Cpp, and in your project add, the libpq.lib, generated by setp 4.

    Build and Make your project.


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    use the DB components from
    They are wery good and feature reach.

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