I have a performance problem when inserting large objects to IDS.
An insert of 1 MB simple or smart large object takes about 5 seconds while selecting the same amount of data takes 0.1 second. When I use the function FILETOBLOB with "client" parameter, insert takes 5 seconds while when I use "server" parameter on the same file insert takes 0.1 second.

5.0 sec for:
insert into smartblobtable (blobcolumn) values (FILETOBLOB("one_megabyte_file","clinet"));

0.1 sec for:
insert into smartblobtable (blobcolumn) values (FILETOBLOB("one_megabyte_file","server"));

I guess the problem is not in storing data itself but somewhere in the connection. It seems to me that the i/o is somehow optimized for reading not writing.

My system is IDS 9.30 on Linux
NETTYPE soctcp,1,50,NET
sqlhosts uses onsoctcp

Can anybody suggest me how to improve the performance ?