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    Unanswered: Cold backup procedure

    Hi experts

    I am completely new to Oracle.
    And i have to take the cold backup of Oracle 8.0.6 on HPUX 11i machine.
    So can anyone let me know the procedure to be followed to perform the cold backup of the database & then recover the same.

    Your quick response will be of great help to me.

    Thanks a lot

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    1.Shut Oracle Down
    2. Take copy of all the database files
    3. Start Oracle back up again.

    Recovery is exactly the same, except you copy the database files back into the database areas as step 2.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Cold backup procedure

    A cold backup just means that the database is down when you backup the files.

    You need to do a shutdown on the db. (I don't know the unix paths, but look for an oradim executable, and use its help function to give you shutdown parameters.)

    Then using whatever BU software you have, do your backup.

    After the backup is complete then again use oradim to start the database.

    Note: I work with WinXX and not *NIX. But this is all in the same ballpark for Oracle, I think.
    Jim P.

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