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    Unanswered: DB restore with TSM sessions

    I have backed a database with 2 open sessions on TSM server.
    The backup took 15 hrs. Now when I restore the database what is the difference in performance (time it takes to restore the db) if I give the command restore 2 sessions....parallelism 6
    vs the command restore db .... paralleslism 6 (without mentioning any open session in the restore command)

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    tms backup

    Based on my experience, backup time is less than the restore time.

    If u are using 4 processors u can give parallelism 4.

    In my 4 processor system to take 75 GB of databackup using,

    backup db <dbname> use tsm open 1 sessions with 12 buffers buffer 4096 parallelism 4,

    taking 1 hr.

    sessions is depend upon your TSM server setup. Best practice is, based upon the server setup(DB and TSM) use iterative method to reach the better performance in backup and restore

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