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    Hi. is there any option to use a SELECT to get always the NEXT record without using CURSOR.

    Imagine the following Situation.
    a table with

    Custome Code , Invoice, Control Number, etc

    for each Customer there are a lot of records

    The user want to see one by one in the Forms
    he type Customer 49

    there are two Buttons Forward and BACK

    If I use this
    select Code, Invoice, etc from table
    where code > 49

    i will get 50 not customer 49 invoce 0001

    If i put Customer = 49 or >=
    i will always get the same.

    If use Cursor >= 49 , if the user Click BACK
    i dont get customer 48 because Cursor is limited to > 49


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    You need to pass to the SP the customer ID and last invoice number displayed

    select top 1 ...
    from table t1
    where customer = @customer
    and invoiceNo >@invoiceno
    order by invoiceNo

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