I use Windows XP & Windows 98
& Scanner: Benq S2W 3000U
& Printer: HP deskjet 3325
1- I have many paper with writing and pictures. I put it in computer with scanner.

#Options to saves and move text & image
I want to control, move, save and print the writing and pictures.
i want:software is:
(Professional is the most advanced OCR software)
What is the best program that can help me???
empowering users to easily convert paper-based documents and scanned images into editable text with superior accuracy
#text recognition
# I hope the program that contains everything for:
( controlling the paper I have put in the computer )

2- What is the names of this programs,& many programs??
3- Is there a program are called ( textbridg ) Is there a better program???
4- where is the best site that ( explains in details how to use programs in the world?
5- where is the best site for downloading & sells programs?
6- How can i open the file ( zip ) please explain in details
7- what is the best site that contains reviews and views of those marketing and trying:
computer programs,sprinters,scanners and all electronic systems? i want control my paperscontrol my documents.
control my documents