I ordered cgi host at 0catch.com.
I'm trying to install one cgi script(called iSlist) on this server,I always
get the wrong message when I try to open mysql db.

in this cgi script,I have to make change to this part

# MySQL (Database) Information
$sql_db_name = "myname_0catch_c";
$sql_user = "myname_0catch_c";
$sql_pass = "password";
$sql_hostname ="localhost";
$sql_port ="";

I find the solution for db_name,user,password but I can't find hostname and port.

in the 0catch tutorial for cgi,it says
What is the name of my MySQL database?

The name of your mysql database that you can use within your CGI scripts is "myname_0catch_c". This is also your MySQL username. Your MySQL password is the same as your FTP and site password. (So if you change your site password, you may have to change your scripts that use MySQL to include the new password.)
But I can't find hostname and port.everytime,I try to open the
mysql from http,I always find this message

Software error:
Can't open MySQL! Please make sure you have your MySQL Login, Database and Host information set correctly in the "config.cgi" file before running this script! If you are not sure of your MySQL information contact your webhost to obtain it. You CANNOT use any of these safelist scripts unless you have MySQL running correctly on your site and know your MySQL login information.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@localhost), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

can you help me or give me some advice ?thanks !!!I expect it !!!