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    Unanswered: DB2 UDB 8.1.2 Replication SET UP

    I am trying to set up DB2 Replicaiton for UDB8.1.2 workgroup server edition.
    We are using Win2000 sp3 at the os level.

    Heres the scenario 1 :
    One the server A we have a DB2 instance.
    We have Database AAA and another Database BBB.
    AAA is the source and BBB is the target database.
    There are three table in AAA called A1, A2, A3 that needs to be replicated in BBB.

    How do we go about setting things up for this replicaiton.
    I tried to play around with replication center along with the replication manual red book.
    The book was too much in detail for me. It talks about all the possible OS's etc.

    Scenario 2 : We have UDB 8.1.2 WOrkgroup server edition DATABASE DB2 on server AAA and another SQL SERVER DATABASE called SQLS
    on server BBB.

    We wanted to set up synchronous replication between the two databases.
    How do we go about doing this. We tried using the Db2 utility called DB2 Information Integrator but it is incompatible with Workgroup edition of UDB.

    Any suggestions, hints, documentation etc would be very well appreciated.


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    I think you need to read the DB2 Replication Guide and Reference manual before you proceed. Replication is a a bit tricky and if you do not understand it, you can go wrong real easily. YOu can locate this manual starting at:

    There is also a Redbook on Replication located at:

    Information Integrator (as far as I know) has nothing to do with Replication. I do know that it is unneeded to get Replication operational.



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