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    Question Unanswered: problem in char function, getting SQL0440N


    I've DB2v 7.2 running on windows 2000/NT server.
    The database was working alright untill recently when we've got this strange problem.
    The function char() is not working when used with a schema name.

    Like when I do the following from command center or thru the java code-

    (I've a schema named test which was working fine and has not been changed.)

    create table test.newtable ( name char(12) );

    insert into table test.newtable values( 'myname');

    on doing-

    select * from test.newtable where test.char(name)= 'myname'

    it gives SQL0440N error saying no function by the name char having compatible arguments was found in the function path.

    The same thing was working fine before. I dont know what is causing this problem. No java applications on this database are able to work due to this error.

    when I repeat the same by creating a system table(create table newtable) instead of giving the schema name, it works fine.

    Please let me know if someone knows the cause of this proble.

    Thansk a lot,

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    What Fixpak level are you at? The latest is Fixpak 10a.

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    unleast it is a typo ...

    Maybe it is just in an error when you entered your problem in the forum but since you say it does not happens when you use the default schema ...

    select * from test.newtable where test.char(name)= 'myname'

    Might it be that the where should be:

    where char(name)= 'myname'

    or more implicit:

    where char( 'myname'

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    Thanks to you both for your replies.

    I've not applied any fixpaks to DB2 7.2 version yet.
    Please let me know if you've experienced the same problem and applied a fixpak to solve it.

    I found the solution to this problem in one of the previous archives of this forum which I want to share with you

    If you go to , it has been posted that this problem can occur if someone has changed the system time, and setting back the time of system to default would solve it.
    I followed this and it worked.

    Thanks again for your help.

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