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    Unanswered: I need a script for 6500 link

    I have an question!
    I have a portal with more thean 6500 links! I need a php scripts to put a code after each links with:
    dead link - to report if link is dead
    hits - link hits ou

    Who can help me!
    I give full banner at my web site!

    The site that i talk about is and - englihs version!

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    I use wsnlinks to manage my links.

    Assuming that you have your links in the database when you parse them out just add a link to a broken link script and pass the unique id. That script can update a flag on the record as "broken". Then when you next show the page you only select the records which haven't been reported broken.

    As an admin you can then select all the broken links and either delete or update.

    count links out...

    I use a script I call links.php on several sites. When I display a link it actually calls links.php which finds the real url and redirects. Before redirecting my stats counters get updated.

    It's quite simple.

    I'd be happy to do it for you. Send me a PM.

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