Has anybody information about this standard SQL grammar for ODBC mentionned in this article of Microsoft ?


"ODBC defines a standard SQL grammar. In addition to a standard call-level interface, ODBC defines a standard SQL grammar. This grammar is based on the X/Open SQL CAE specification. Differences between the two grammars are minor and primarily due to the differences between the SQL grammar required by embedded SQL (X/Open) and a CLI (ODBC). There are also some extensions to the grammar to expose commonly available language features not covered by the X/Open grammar.
Applications can submit statements using ODBC or DBMS-specific grammar. If a statement uses ODBC grammar that is different from DBMS-specific grammar, the driver converts it before sending it to the data source. However, such conversions are rare because most DBMSs already use standard SQL grammar. "

Using this syntax would enable us to do SQL queties with an ODBC connexion and to be sure that every DBMS will understand them. That could make up for the syntax diffencies of the SQL used by the different BDMS.

I would like to know if anybody has already used this syntax and can tell me where it is possible to download it.

Thanks a lot