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    Unanswered: Problem in execution of resulset statement

    I am using Tomcat 4 server and Oracle 9i as database.
    When I try to login in my application on Tomcat4 server, the query in which it select the valid userId and password throws sql exception as:

    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ttcgcshnd-1], [0], [], [], [], [], [], []

    I was having doubt about the database connectivity of Tomcat4 with Oracle 9i so I gave SOPs .. the code is as follows:
    try {
    System.out.println("Entering try");
    stmt = conn.prepareStatement(
    "select invlid_logs, password from ABC_XL where login= ? and status= 'A' ");
    System.out.println("stmt ");
    stmt.setString(1, userLogin);
    System.out.println("stmt ***: "+stmt);"stmt = "+stmt);
    res = stmt.executeQuery();
    System.out.println("res ***: "+res);"After Executing Query");
    if (res != null) {
    while ( {
    count = res.getInt(1);
    password = res.getString(2);

    The last SOP is not getting executed.
    This shows there is problem with the resultset ..
    What is the problem. Why is Oracle9i not executing the query?
    Please help.

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    According to Oracle :

    Quote :
    The JDBC Thin Driver, provided as part of the Oracle8i releases, cannot be used to connect and run against an Oracle9i database. You will need to download and install a JDBC thin patch in order to connect to an Oracle9i back-end. This is patch 1725012. The location of patch 1725012 and associated information can be found on MetaLink at After logging on to MetaLink, select the 'Patches' link to go the Patches Download page, and then select the link for patches released after February 19, 2001. Search for patch number 1725012. Select the appropriate patch for your operating system. The download contains instructions to install the patch. If you install JDBC, or RDBMS, or RDBMS, after installing the JDBC patch, you will need to re-install the JDBC Thin patch in order to connect to an Oracle9i backend.

    End quote

    Good luck


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