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    Question Unanswered: Writeback in Excel Pivot Table: How to repeat MS example?

    Hi Gurus!

    I'm a newbie in this area and started work on modeling our tasks on available examples...

    In MSDN I found example of using Writeback features in OLAP cube via Excel pivot tables:

    Good example concerning Writeback BUT: How did they able to change values in Pivot Table???

    I've run via all protection, locks, etc. in pivot table in that XLS but still unable to make another table able to change values inside (regardless of write back to cube).

    If anyone can give me a hint how to do that, I'll extremely thankful for any information!

    Looking forward for any comments
    Stanislav Ploschansky

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    Use a STD solution

    For writeback from excel to ssas you want to use a standard tool like OLAP Office Explorer


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