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    Unanswered: Upload Pictures to Access using ASP


    I have a small access 2000 database for my inventory in asp, I only have 2 fields, name & partnumber. I want to be able to add pictures with it. On my additem.asp page, I should be able to type name, partnumber and add a picture using the browse button and pointing to my local picture folder, and then uploading it to the server. And then whenever I query something, the results.asp page should show the item with partnumber, name and picture. Can anyone help me with this?


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    sure, what's your problem?

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    The Anonymous Internet user needs Change permission on the folder that a file is going to be uploaded to and actually Full Access might be better if you are later going to use the FileSystemObject to delete a file.

    And whatever file uploading solution you use, on the page in question you will no longer be able to refer to regular form fields with Request.Form("MyField"). Instead there will be some kind of proprietary way to refer to the fields.

    Here is a resource for letting the user upload a file which is something that was unfortunately not built into ASP:

    ASP File Upload Using VBScript by John R. Lewis - 7/10/2000
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