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    Unanswered: extracting .dmp files

    ok, i've searched a lot, and i couldn't find a solution for my problem...

    i have a backup of the database in .dmp format and i need to partially restore it (there were some deletions by mistake in it and i need to restore some part of the records).

    the problem is that i can't extract the file - i found NXTract utility, but it doesn't work with CLOB fields (and i'm not willing to pay for it, plus i'm not sure if commercial version does support it)

    i know that i can import that .dmp file into the database, but that way all records will be imported and changes made after the backup was done will be removed. even if they won't be removed - there will be lots of mess.

    i just need to extract some records with some criteria out of that file. is there any way to do it?

    i don't have administrative access to oracle neither can i install it localy. that would take lots of time, and i need just part of the records in that dmp file... so basically i drop the idea of creating the new database, importing the stuff there and extracting the needed data only with some script.

    well i hope someone will understand me and help me... thanks.

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    I'm afraid that "not having the time" won't always illicit a response on here, or for that matter on many forums/bb's or usenet. Then adding that "you won't pay for a tool" when most of the guys on here are usually working on 20,000 dollar licences (sometimes 100,000, 500,000 or more) isn't exactly a call for help either. However, I do empathise with your position. Okay, I'm having a dig, I'm not sure I would pay for something if I wasn't sure it would do the job either.

    Look at the online docs for Imp.exe (Oracle Import). Ask your DBA's to create you an empty schema (new user). Import the tables you need into there. You can then do the necessary "insert into ... select from" for what you need. If you don't have enough target tablespace/diskspace for this then consider installing Oracle on a different machine just for the import - work on the data and then do a new export. You can probably do an Oracle install in less time than you've waited for a respone on here (saying that, I'd better check what time you posted :-)

    Please don't say you're too busy to find out how to import into a new user either :-) A quick search on this forum for imp.exe / exp.exe *will* find you the answer.

    Hope you don't mind the slightly mickey taking post, I hope I've also managed to point you in the right direction!!!

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    ok, the thing is that i need to do this stuff in max 2 days.
    the thing is that i'd like to do it ASAP, best of all - tonite.
    the thing is that i live in europe and it's 5am (3am when i posted) thus every admin is asleep.
    the thing is that this is my one and only oracle related work and i need to fix it
    the thing is that i don't have oracle installation anywhere near, plus i'm no oracle expert and it DOES take a lot of time for a guy who only used mysql in his life to install oracle. plus i only have a 500mhz amd so oracle would slow it down. a bit *grin*

    the thing about paying for software - i am almost sure that i will only need it once. or at least not in the next 2 years i am a programmer - i know what it is when you don't get money for what you deserve, but i simply cannot afford to pay for it and wait for it to ship

    about importing into a new user - yeah i saw already some suggestions on that in forums somewhere else and i know i can look it up. i couldn't look up a solution for my current problem thus i posted here. in any case i was going to go that way as i posted - i am asking for an easier way. am i the only person in the world with such problem?!

    about "not having time" - when i said this i ment that i don't have time to experiment and i asked for an easier solution. i might go the way with importing into new tablespace in any case - but knowing about the possible solution is allways good. getting the word of advice from an expert who deals with big money also is good. just that the fact is that i really don't have time to experiment and i need help in here. this is a free forum and in any case i cannot afford buying or paying anything, so if you are a kind of ppl who says "oh you poor guy, no money, go to hell" than it's a pitty. i'm looking for a person who can help. i do help people online and i see no problem of that, plus it's not mandatory for you to tell me anything. i just posted my problem and telling me that people in here are experts is by no means a solution.


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    If it's only a few records in a couple of tables you could do this:

    1. rename the tables you need to import
    2. import just the tables you need import .... tables=(t1,t2,t3)
    3. now you can delete/insert into the table from the backup you made in step 1.

    this would be quite cumbersome to do with an entire db but if it's only a few rows it would be ok.
    (thanks to hedge)

    1mill$ suggestion. sometimes there's no need to grumble about money and time when it could be just opening someone's eyes with something that is just behind his nose. yeah i admin i was stupid enough to not think about renaming myself

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