Hi folks, my first post here. I am trying to troubleshoot a serious problem, if this is not the right place, then I'm sorry..

Anyway, we maintain a site which retrieves data from a sql 2k database using a sqlxml 3.0 virtual directory. The web server and sql server are located on two different machines within the same webhost. Everything works quite well and nice, however at certain times of the day the connection between the 2 servers seems to disappear. Usually for 20-30 minutes everyday roughly at noon EST. Yesterday it was a nightmare, it happened 3 times 1 hour each time. When it happens, the htm's load, then the asp tries to load the menu from the database but nothing arrives and the browser becomes non-responsive. Eventually I would get an asp timeout or the menu dispalys.

The host techs can't figure it out yet. They moved our web on a different server but its the same or even worse. It looks like they will try to blame our code now, which is really absurd.

I know a sure way to solve it would be to put both sql and web on a dedicated server but this is a bit too costly for our business.

If anyone has any ideea about why this could happen I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot !