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    Unanswered: Locally Managed Tablespaces

    In the process of migrating a number of databases to locally managed tablespaces in Oracle 9i. Have been using the autoallocated (system) management for extents, however everywhere I try to look for an explanation of how oracle works out the extents that it allocates i have no luck. I have done a bit of experimenting and know that it uses the objects initial extent to calculate the total size allocated (for example an object that specifies an initial extent of 10m is allocated 10*1m extents, and object that specifies initial of 100m is allocated 49*1m and 7*8m extents - oddly the first extent for this object is 8m, the next 49 1m and thereafter 8m?) - i am interested mainly in how oracle would calculate the extents for an object that starts small and grows, when the user is unsure of the pattern of growth - e.g an object that under dictionary I would specify and initial 1m (not too big if not used) and next 50m (if it grows assume it will grow a lot) as the application I work with has a lot of tables that may or may not be used depending on how the end user configures and chooses to use the system.

    thank you in advance
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    Have you read the concepts manual, then the admin manual, then the performance manual?

    Try testing with reprentative data.
    Hope that helped...
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