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    Question BLOB in DB or Link to File System?


    we are currently working on an application, which has to deal with big binary files of (possibly) all kinds(pdf, jpeg, doc,...), but which could be READ_ONLY.

    The question is: How should we persist this data: as a BLOB directly in the DB or as a file in the file system with a link attribute in the DB?

    We propably gonna be using DB2 7.2(mayby UDB) on NT 4.0.

    I know that UDB has a data type "DATA_LINK" which I understand as compromise between BLOBs / Links.

    Has anybody any suggestions / experience with this problem?

    What about scalability?

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    Re: BLOB in DB or Link to File System?

    Don't use blob, but link to filesystem.
    Even modern DB-Systems support blobs, from my experience
    its always better to go for link to filesystem.

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