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    Unanswered: Multi-Server Selects

    I'll do my best to make this clear. I have a database on server 1 (S1) and another on server 2 (S2).

    Is there a way, while connected to and working on S1, select data from S2.

    Pseudo Code (on server 1):

    SELECT *
    FROM S2.table

    So I would know have a copy of "TABLE" on both servers.

    (my goal is to do this in a perl script, but I don't see a way to give 2 database handles to a query)

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    1 There might be a binary to do this already... not sure

    2 I don't really code in Perl, but I do code in PHP... (they're very similar anyway) but what you could TRY is connecting to both databases with two seperate sockets (or whatever you use to connect) and then copy the data through the language...

    3 Also read this:

    Option 3 probably isn't what you want but you could write a perl script to do the copy for you...
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