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    Unanswered: Oracle exports

    Hey folks,

    Does anyone have any knowledge about renaming schemas?

    I have a schema called SCOTT in a database called ACWEB. What I'd like to do is export the contents of this schema (tables, sequences, triggers, data...) and import it into a separate database on a different server with a different schema name. When I use 'exp' from the command line, the schema name SCOTT and db name ACWEB are exported and I can't see how to import the data into a schema with a different name.

    I've tried to use the Export facility from the OEM but this requires the OMS (which I can't start because I don't have enough disk space to create a repository for it.) Does anyone know if the GUI export facility offers any more flexibility than the command line 'exp'?

    Any useful information about renaming schemas or exporting data would be appreciated.



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    When you have exported a schema, you can import it into another schema.

    Just use: imp file=blabla.dmp fromuser=SCOTT touser=NEWUSER
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    Re: Oracle exports


    Using the command line interface, typ 'EXP help=y' to get help about all features of the export utility. It shows all parameters and their default settings.

    some tips:
    - always use the log= parameter to create a log file to check after import or export for error messages.
    - use the parameter direct=y to speed up an export (cannot be used with import)
    - use the buffer parameter when exporting or importing long colunms
    - check the nls_lang settings from the client against the characterst of the database to avoid any conversions. If different set it before starting exp or imp

    the call would something like :

    exp system/manager@database file=path\filename.dmp owner=scott direct=y buffer=256000 log=path\filename.log

    For as far as I know the GUI does not contain extra functionality above the command line interface.

    Good luck.

    Edwin van Hattem
    Oracle OCP DBA

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