Hi, All!

Really need your help!

My tutee's next to the last assignment, again involves macros. I'm hoping to be able to buy a textbook on VBA for Access this weekend.

The assignment is as follows:

In this homework assignment you wil create an application that will notify the user of special events or dates.

Create a menu driven database application which will contain the following parts:

1.) Table(s) to hold special event data.

2.) Form(s) to enter special event data.

3.) Macros(s) to run menu navigation.

The application will use VB to determine if anevent is ready to be triggered to theuser. Once the event is displayed the user will have the opportunity to print the event, release the event, or "SNOOZE" the event for another time.

My college professor never covered macros in Advance Access, unlike my tutee's part-time instructor is doing now.

My ideas/thoughts off the top of my head:

My tutee's mother is having a birthday on 10/9/02. The surprise birthday party is set for 8 PM. The tutee enteres the data into the table via a data entry form.

One scenario would be to remind her every day, five days prior to the party.

A macro has to be created to keep track of the time. Something in the macro has to create a form that pops up on the screen, with bells and whistles, informing my tutee that the party is 5-4-3-2-1 days away.

What about other events in the table? Would the same macro work or would a new one need to be made for each even?

The first two parts are a piece of cake. I'm still not that up on macro(s). I have some experience because of HomerBoo, but not enough to carry out this project.

Can somebody point me in the same direction? I would be very appreciative!

Thanks in advance,

vbprogwb (Bob)