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    Red face Unanswered: how to rebuild the data dictionary

    i cant explain why, but the catalog.sql was run when my database was fine and working.
    the catalog.sql was interrupted before it finishes when we realized the error.
    After that every table,view and package are invalids.
    What can i do ?

    It is possible to rebuild the dictionary by running catalog.sql
    and catproc.sql in order to have my database working correctly again?

    the worst thing is that the backup is very old.

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    Never heard command line sql's failing on server unless you're on underutilized resources...

    But anyways since you're installing db, you cna rerun it. But a good advise is to use the DBCA and save scripts.
    Hope that helped...
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    Exclamation AW : how to rebuild the data dictionary

    Sorry , but i think i wasnt clear enough

    My db oracle9ir2 was already installed and working fine.

    The problem is that "accidentally" i ran the catalog.sql script.

    So, when i realized the mistake i canceled the process(catalog.sql didnt finish).

    Then, when i browse the database with plsql developer, all the tables , views and packages appear as invalid objets and i cant edit or modified anything.Due to this i think the data dictionary has been damaged.

    I think the solution is to run catalog.sql and catproc.sql in order to rebuild the data dictionary so that i can use any table, view , package correctly again.

    the cuestion is.

    Is it safe? , i mean what will appen whit the data? .
    catalog and catproc will rebuild the data dictionary ?

    thanks for any help


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