I installed Visual Studio.net Pro.
At the end of the install I recieved the following message, which led me to downloading and install MSDE 2000 for Developers.
Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine:
Visual Studio .NET 2003 does not include Microsoft SQL Server
Desktop Engine (MSDE). You can download and install MSDE
from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=13962

From the link above I followed the following instructions after the download and installation:

After extracting the MSDE installation files, open an MS-DOS
command prompt and change to the directory where you extracted
the files. MSDE extracts to C:\sql2ksp3\MSDE by default. Run the
following command to set up MSDE for Visual Studio .NET. Replace
<YOUR SA PASSWORD> with the systems administrator's password that
you would like to use:

Now I typed in the command from DOS and afterward a dialog box popped up on the screen and said the following:
(Windows XP Setup)

Please Go to the control panel to install and configure system componenets.

...Okay, how do I know if the installation was succesfull. The above message seems inconsistent with a sucesfull install.

Please, Please help!
Thank in advance, Amy Day