Here is my dilemma:

I have a user that requested a project that included a report of different products.

I designed the report in three tiers, from top to bottom:

-The job summary, which has a subreport (envelopes) in its detail section. The major information is included at this level, such as Customer and Shipping.
-The subreport_envelopes, which has a subreport (envelope_items) in its detail section. Envelope, or package information such as Envelope # and total cost of each envelope is at this level.
-The subreport_envelope_items. The items that are included with each envelope are at this level.

I've got everything displayed how I wanted it, but then the user came back to me and asked for an entire column to be shaded (5% gray) on the report.

I have no idea how to go about doing this. All of my detail sections are set to CanGrow: yes, and I really can't allow this to be changed. I've already figured out a way to make the vertical lines display down the page with a variable detail format (Me.Line method on PrintEvent), but I'm stumped how to gray out an entire column when the CanGrow property is set to yes.