Hey guys,

We are trying to develop the most seamless failover in our Oracle 9i cluster without purchasing 9i RAC.

We are running (2) Dell 2650's with Red Hat Advanced Server attached to an EMC NS600 (NAS device).

The DB is relatively small (50 GB) and we only have 300 or so concurrent users, which are the reasons we chose to go with NAS over SAN.

There are multiple instances of the DB via multiple NFS mounts on the NS600 in the event of a DB corruption via snapshots of the production database every hour.

The application is highly available and generates a lot of revenue for our company as customers pay to access the data within the Oracle DB.

We do not have the budget to purchase 9i RAC and I would like to provide as highly available environment as possible.

Right now, if the primary server goes down, we must start Oracle on the 2nd server, which results in about 10 minutes of downtime.

I would like to automate the failover via a nice script that would check for a heartbeat to the primary server and retries a second time in the event of a failure.

If a second try results in a bad or no connection, Oracle should start on the 2nd system immediately.

The 2nd server already sees the DB as an NFS mount, so it is just a matter of providing the failover at the server level.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,

David Young