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    Post Unanswered: Mail merge query

    Hi again,

    Im stuck again on a problem, this time its a mail merge thing.

    I have an update query with the fields School, Teacher, and date of visit.

    When a teacher is booked to goto a school i type in the details into the update query and then it updates every instance of school with the teachers name and the date of visit.

    So the main table looks like this

    School-----Pupil------Teacher------Date Of Visit

    A-----------John------Mr Smith------23/09/03
    A-----------Tim-------Mr Smith------23/09/03
    B-----------Lisa-------Mr Jones------10/10/03
    A-----------Jacob-----Mr Smith-----23/09/03

    Ok, this query is working fine.

    To input into the query i use a form with an update button at the bottom of it.

    I have created a mail merge document in word with the same fields as in the query. What i would like to do is click on another button which will then input the data in the query into the mail merge document and then email it to the teacher (email address is in another table).

    How do i go abot doing this.

    I have tried using the mail merge options in word but i can only get it to send emails to ever teacher, whereas i only want it to send to the teacher in the query.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    If you need anymore info let me know.


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    mail merge problem

    check outHelen Feddema's website
    How to Merge to Word 4 ways. Good code.

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    Groundworks Software

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