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    i am having problems with joining 2 tables using vba. the primary key is the project-id in both cases.
    table A contains the master data and has therefore more records. the date of the invoice is in table B.
    i need a query that gives me all project ids from table A and the dates where available from table B. if there is no record in table B i still want the project-id listed though with simply no value for the date.

    when i do a simple join like

    select projectID, InvoiceDate
    From tableA, tableB
    Where tableA.projectID=tableB.projectID;

    it skips the project-ids from table A if there is no record in table B.

    is there any way to solve the problem?

    Thanx :-)

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    This query will return all records from tableA.
    If there is no record in tableB, then InvoiceDate will be blank.

    Select tableA.ProjectID, tableb.InvoiceDate
    FROM tableA left join tableb ON table.productid=tableb.productid
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